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                        Essential Vermeer 3.0
                        Looking for a painting by Vermeer? Find it with QUICK SEARCH!

                        E.V. Bibliography: Historical Painting, Drawing and Treatises

                        If you have corrections or suggestions for any of the Essential Vermeer Online Bibliographies, please send them to the author and webmaster of this site, .

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                          • Methods and Technique (Introduction)
                          • Support and ground-
                          • Infrared examination -
                          • Vermeer's palette -
                          • Binding medium -
                          • Paint application -
                          • Secrets of the studio - o
                          • Time and transformation
                          • Altered appearance of ultramarine -
                          • Fading of yellow and red lake pigment -
                          • Drying and paint defects -
                          • Formation of lead and zinc soaps -
                          • Infrared examination -
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                        • VANDERVERE, Abbie and Abbie Vandivere and Annelies van Loon. "Girl with a Blog."
                          • Who's that Girl? (Introduction to research project) -
                          • Preparing for exam ( What will happen in the Golden Room) -
                          • Beauty is more than skin deep (Samples / Imaging ) -
                          • Vermeer illuminated (1994 treatment) -
                          • Say cheese (Technical photography) -
                          • A blank canvas (Canvas) -
                          • From the ground up (Ground) -
                          • Watching paint dry (Oil) -
                          • Art supply and demand (Paint, and where materials come from) -
                          • Seeing red (Vermilion and cochineal ) -
                          • It's all there in black and white (Blacks and lead white ) -
                          • Background check (Background ) -
                          • Up close and personal (Under the microscope) -
                          • Contouring, highlighting and blending (Skin ) -
                          • Dressed to impress (Yellow and browns ) -
                          • Out of the blue (Blues) -
                          • Glazed over (Glazes and varnish) -
                          • You’re crackin me up (Cracks) -
                          • Wrap-up (Wrap-up) -
                        • VAN HOUT, Nico, "Meaning and Development of the Ground-layer in Seventeenth Century Painting," Looking Through Paintings, the Study of Painting Techniques and Materials in Support of Art Historical Research, Erma Hermens, ed., (Leiden: deProm and Archetype) 1998, 199–225.
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                        Recommended Vermeer Reading

                        Garry Schwartz
                        Vermeer, Karl Schutz
                        Karl Schütz
                        Wayne Franits, Vermeer
                        Wayne Franits
                        Vermeer: The Complete Paintings, Walter Liedtke
                        Walter Liedtke
                        Vermeer, John Nash
                        John Nash
                        Vermeer and the Delft School, Walter Liedtke
                        Walter Liedtke 2001
                        Vermeer: The Complete Works, Arthur K. Wheelock Jr.

                        Arthur K. Wheelock Jr.
                        Johannes Vermeer, Arthur K. Wheelock Jr."

                        Arthur K. Wheelock Jr.
                        Vermeer Studies, ed. Ivan Gaskell &amp;amp; Micheal Jonker

                        ed. Ivan Gaskell & Micheal Jonker
                        Vermeer and the Art of Painting, Arthur K. Wheelock Jr.

                        Arthur K. Wheelock Jr.
                        Vermeer, Martin Bailey

                        Martin Bailey
                        Vermeer, Lawrence Gowing

                        Lawrence Gowing

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